5 Idea how to use your small space in home

Small homes are cozy but designing and decorating a small space presents its own set of challenges. From seating guests to storage, here are a few ideas of modern apartment interior design that can make your small space a more relaxing and welcoming experience.


 1. Include reflections in design


Full length mirrors on the walls can help toss the light around. It gives your small space in home a  more expansive feel. An equally effective alternative to this is incorporating sliding mirrored wardrobe doors and gloss or semi-gloss paint finish in your designs.


2. Grow indoor plants


Your space will look more open, bright and lively when you bring nature inside. This idea works exceptionally well if you have a city apartment. Indoor plants help keep your indoors fresh and create a vibrant connection with the outdoors.


3. Optimize your bedroom


Bedroom is the space for relaxation. You can opt for a king-size bed to maximize your relaxation. Consider going for a headboard with built in bookshelves or a bedframe with drawers to optimize the storage space in your bedroom. You can also use floating or wall-mounted furniture pieces for your night stand and lamps to ensure clear floors for a bigger room feel.


4. Use folding and modular pieces for furnishing


While choosing the furniture for your small space at home, it is important to be mindful of the ‘space’ you have. It is helpful if you measure the furniture before you decide to bring it home, this helps you ensure that your furnishing is of the right scale and does not eat up extra space. Choosing modular sofas, foldable study tables and nesting tables can also help you use the furniture pieces for multiple purposes.


5. Focus on lighting


Small spaces can often seem gloomy due to the lack of lighting. You can opt for enlarging windows and installing skylights to maximize natural light. Alternatively, you can add plenty of light sources with scones or table lamps for a cozy and bright atmosphere. While accessorizing your home, you can also choose to combine striking ceiling fixtures like pendant ceiling fixture or a flush mount.


Your small space at home can be used dynamically with the right small bedroom interior design. Yana Rajoub is one of the best interior designers in UAE who can help you recreate classy and timeless designs for your home. Contact us to make the most of your living space.