2022 Paint Colour & Design Trends

Colours play a vital role in lending a character to your space. From Farrow & Ball to Dulux and Benjamin Moore, the leading paint and colour experts have all revealed their predictions for Colour of the Year 2022. These colours are inclined towards incorporating the elements of well-being into modern apartment interior design. The selection signals the colours that intend to make us healthy, serene, and centered.


Here is an insight on the top colour trends to look out for in 2022:


1. Calming neutrals:


2022 is bound to see an inclination towards a simplified lifestyle, with clean lines and a sophisticated palette. Clean, light hues and tones of blues, greens, and sandy shades with natural materials such as grass cloth, cork, sculpted rattan, and wood will be sought after.


2. Natural greens:


Apartment interior decorators will look at creating a closer connection to authenticity, rooted in raw materials, tactile touches, and nurturing, living hues. You can think of anything from a nourishing and calming grey-green to plush emerald green.


3. Organic mints:


Muted green infusions will be a preferred colour for creating a comfortable and calming sanctuary. Dutch Boy® Paints’ 2022 One-Coat Color of the Year, Cypress Garden is a gentle colour that complements both warm and cool undertones, in wood and accents that are a common feature in modern homes.


4. Soothing blues:


Airy and fresh hues of blue will be used to infuse a sense of tranquility in the interiors. Blue has diverse shades and can be used to evoke different moods. Electric blues add drama to walls, whilst cooler tones can lend an industrial feel.


5. Terracotta red:


This brown-red paint evokes calm but serious moods. When used with foraged, contemporary, and bespoke pieces, this colour can be vibrant and fresh in the mornings and cozy in the evenings.


6. Dazzling gemstones:


Interiors will tend to get more playful in 2022. Dazzling, jewel tones in highly saturated gemstones colours like sapphire, peridot, emerald and ruby, can be used to create an element of energy sass and personality. These tones will be used for colour blocking walls and making a trendy statement.


7. Sunny yellows:


Painting the rooms in bright, uplifting colours will trend in 2022. A key color for 2022 interiors, uplifting yellow hues will create contagious cheerfulness without being overly invasive or domineering. ‘Bright yellow shades represent optimism and happiness, so they are the perfect pick for promoting positive emotions within the home,’ says Abbey Hesketh, color specialist, Graham & Brown.


With Pinterest searches up almost 80% year on year, green is having a real moment. It is surprisingly versatile and easy to bring into your home. Yana Rajoub is an interior design consultant and apartment decorator in UAE who can help you create your sanctuary. Contact us for timeless yet in-vogue interior decoration ideas,